Let us see how optimising and cost effective it might be if you`re booking the same private jet for both ways, when a return trip is needed.

There are 2 main factors to estimate:

Factor 1 - the gap between your flight dates.

If the aircraft is to hold on for, let`s say, 10 days, then it is much less likely to stay parked at the airport, waiting for you to leave. 

As it will anyway have to position twice, you might not notice the difference in the costs. 

Factor 2 is actually the airport and its parking options to be considered.

If there`s no permission to park the aircraft will anyway have to leave. In this case we suggest looking for 2 empty legs. 

But if parking is available you should better request your flight both ways. 

If factor 2 is resolved but there is still factor 1 - quite a big interval between your flights - our suggestion is requesting both options from the operator, as there`s a chance you get a discount for the double order. 

Another important nuance:

If you`re flying transcontinentally, and it is not an empty leg, one-way price will only be 10-20% cheaper than both ways, which means it makes no sense to book 2 different aircraft.