Is it possible to smoke while flying private? The answer is actually yes.

Have you ever wondered why in old movies airplane passengers can be spotted with a cigarette in hand while nowadays  smoking on-board 

is generally prohibited? 

Safety measures are surely at first place, but just imagine yourself on board an airplane and your neighbor is constantly smoking - well, it used to be like that!

Though when booking your ticket you could choose a seat in the non-smoking zone. Was it helpful? Not likely.

As, for example, in cafes and restaurants, when smoking was not banned, you still got soaked in the smell, even when sitting at a distance from the smoking person or group. 

The first ban on smoking on-board was introduced in 1988 by the USA, followed by other countries.

Interestingly, ashtrays still had to be installed inside of commercial airliners` lavatories, even when smoking was prohibited by law.

Another fact is that some commercial domestic airlines (for example, in Cuba, Algeria or Iran) still allow in-flight smoking in specially assigned sections. That is why you still hear the emphasizing "All our flights are non-smoking" as on a larger scale there are still options on this matter. 

As far as private flights are concerned - smoking can be allowed, making your charter flight customized in accordance with all your habits. 

Smoking allowance depends on the policies of the operator owning the business jet. Or, as a considerable part of jets to charter have private owners, the smoking option is subject to owners` approval.  

It is comprehensible that private jet owners can set their particular rules on what is allowed on-board.

When choosing a jet for your private charter you are surely not going to miss all the advantages that can be offered. If you want to smoke a cigarette on-board (it might be your pipe or a cigar) - just inform your manager for a suitable aircraft to be arranged. 

What`s more, you don`t even have to go to the lavatory when you decide to smoke. 

In such business aircraft better ventilation is always envisaged, and the cabin is taken particularly good care of. If, by contrast, you are allergic to smoke or nicotine, operators will also make sure your private plane is 100-% adapted. 

There is another important nuance to be considered: vapor pens and electronic cigarettes allowance on board your jet.

Just as regular cigarettes these are most widely prohibited among commercial airlines. As for private aircraft - this issue should better be specified in advance as well, so that the jet owner`s approval is guaranteed. 

Smoking on board a plane has kept the romantic retro touch in its general image. The exclusivity of flying private still gives the chance for this little indulgence.