Central Jets

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Our Story

We know the market from all sides

Frustrated by non-transparent pricing and a complex booking process whenever they chartered private jets, Central Jets' founders decided it was time for a simpler, cost-efficient way to book jets. Shortly after, Central Jets was started in 2018.

Putting a strong emphasis on tech, transparency and efficiency, Central Jets has rapidly gained a growing user base amongst private jet charterers that were looking to both save time and money.

With a network of offices in Monaco, London, Moscow, Malta and Sydney, Central Jets now processes over 10,000 flight requests per month, booking flights around the world thanks to its unique 24/7 availability.

The question now is, when are you joining us?

Why Central Jets?

Fly on better aircrafts for less

Network of 5.000+ Jets

Flight requests are instantly sent to all aircraft owners and operators best suited for your flight. They respond in minutes with direct quotes to your dashboard, which lets you see all available options for your flight.

Eliminate middlemen fees

By getting direct quotes, you eliminate any redundant middlemen fees, resulting in larger aircrafts at lower prices than anywhere else, whilst keeping a bespoke service.

24/7 Concierge Service

All of your travel arrangements handled by our expert, international teams. Simply sit back and enjoy flying on better aircraft whilst spending less.

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