Shirak International Airport


Shirak International Airport is an airport used by private jets in Gyumri, Armenia. It has a maximum runway length of 3,220 meters. There is only one runway in total at the airport.

It is located about 5 km from the center of Gyumri. The airport was inaugurated in 1961, and is the second largest airport in the country, after Yerevan's Zvartnots International Airport.

Sometimes referred to as UDSG - its ICAO code - on private jet quotes, for example, it can also be called LWN - its IATA code name. Both these shorthands are used by aircrafts to refer to the airport.


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  • Latitude: 40.750278
  • Longitude: 43.859167
  • Altitude: 1524 meters
  • Runway length: 3,220 meters
  • Number of runways: 1
  • Shirak International Airport
  • Address: Gyumri, Shirak
  • City: Gyumri
  • Country: Armenia