Taking into account the current quarantine situation in some regions, due to the recent coronavirus outburst in Italy, many global airlines continue to limit or cancel flights. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), people either cancel their trips not showing up at the airport or request a refund. 

The first 3 weeks of February showed a 23,7% drop of Europe-bound flights booked from other continents. February's last week and the beginning of March, up to the present moment, have seen the overall number of Europe-bound bookings fall by 79% - not to Italy alone.

Travellers have different approaches to avoid restrictions and decrease the risk of virus exposure.

Some prefer to cancel or postpone the trip, others would take extra security steps and disinfect the surrounding area, on the airplain and in the hotel room.

VIP travellers would rather turn to private jets: for example, operators are taking notice of passengers who usually stuck to Business or First class.  

Analysts have already reported a significant rise in private aviation demand. The number of requests related to coronavirus grew throughout February and is now about 30% or more. 

Charter companies are now getting more inquiries for routes with reduced commercial flights - and not only in Europe. 

Combination of 2 main factors - restrictions of regular flights and comforting privacy of flying alone or within a  small circle of people - has definitely been contributory.

Private flights, usually operated in smaller terminals, give the flexibility of choosing airports in less populated areas, and there are those who would be glad to pay premium to avoid the risk of exposure. 

Some international companies are relocating their staff from coronavirus "hotspots" by booking entire bizliners. There are even families who book charter flights to leave the continent and temporarily reside elsewhere.

Regions where the virus took hold impose unprecedented restrictions, which force people to come to non-typical solutions - either because of urgent business plans or to escape by all means.