As part of all private jet classifications it is a well-known fact that the world`s largest private aircraft that are presently in operation are those transformed from commercial passenger airliners. 

These are Boeing Business Jets (BBJ). In fact, every Boeing model which is still being produced has its configured private jet versions - from Boeing 737, the smallest one, to Boeing 747 - the largest. 

BBJs are indeed the most luxurious and fully customized VIP airliners.

747-8i Boeing Business Jet has two levels and an unbelievable overall space parameters - around 4,786 square feet equal to almost 445 square meters.

These jets feature all the possible amenities of a stationary penthouse: bedrooms, lounges, separate offices and massive dining rooms. The designs are genuinely stunning.

A BBJ can take its owner or charterer from New York to Singapore, from San Francisco to Sydney or from Cape Town to Sao Paulo - straight to the opposite part of the world in utmost comfort and indeed palatial interiors. 

Implementation of the whole customized design project can actually take years.  

There are very few privately owned VIP airliners. Private jet ownership is a definite attribute of wealth, whereas owning a Boeing Business Jet is usually a prerogative of top governmental elites. 

For example, the US Air Force is planning to replace the US President`s current aircraft by a 747-8i BBJ which is being developed.

These airliners have also been adopted for elite representatives and heads of state in the Middle East.