Embraer, the Brazilian aerospace conglomerate, one of the leading regional airliner manufacturers, has recently announced the significantly upgraded version of its bestselling light jet - now «faster and safer». 

Along with having the record speed for its class the new Phenom 300E is the first business aircraft equipped with runway overrun awareness and alerting system. This cannot go unnoticed as, according to the director of product strategy of the company, runway overruns are amongst «top 3»leading incident and accident causes.

Design-wise the updated light jet can boast the Bossa Nova Edition interior as an available option - the award-winning designer solution that was originally introduced in 2018 for Praetor 500 and Praetor 600. (In the 2019 International Yacht & Aviation Awards in Venice it won best design in Interior Design/VIP Completion category.) Premium piano-black seating with particular stitching was inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s famous sidewalks. 

(«Bossa Nova» design for Praetor 500/600)

Comfort is another important feature of the new Brazilian aircraft: the spacious cabin has become quieter thanks to the noise-reduction improvements. The jet is equipped with the largest windows for its class which contributes to exuberant natural lighting. Special attention should also be paid to the private lavatory window which creates additional space expansion effect. 

Considering the fact that Phenom 300 and Phenom 300E became the most delivered light jet of the year 2019, the manufacturer’s attitude is obvious and comprehensible: what is already good and got acknowledged is something one still can and should improve, as long as customer needs are listened to. 

Deliveries of the upgraded Phenom 300E («E» stands for «Enhanced» as before) and its optional features will start in May, 2020.