Have you ever thought that 3 of most known jet brands belong to 1 jet "family" and are basically assembled at the same plants?

The multinational jet manufacturer`s history dates back to 1935 when the talented mechanic Joseph-Armand Bombardier invented and accomplished the first snowmobile.

The company was officially established in 1942 and kept developing ever since, growing into a huge aerospace manufacturer.

Over 4,700 business aircraft by Bombardier are in operation in more than 115 countries.

(Interestingly, snowmobile production as company`s initial project was kept as a part of business up to 2003 when it was eventually sold.)

Now let us introduce you to the Bombardier family which is represented by business jets of all main categories:

1. Learjet:

This series embodies super-light (Learjet 45 and Learjet 70/75 models) and mid-sized (Learjet 60/60XR) jets in the company`s wide portfolio.

Learjet 45, now replaced by its improved version Learjet 70/75 Liberty, is a popular small jet plane with a 1,971-nautical-mile range which equals to 3,650 kilometres.

The midsize Learjet 60/60 XR has a range of 2,405 nautical miles, equal to 4,454 km, and you may not worry about getting from Miami to Las Vegas or further.

The Learjet Corporation was acquired by Bombardier Aerospace and joined the family in 1990. 

2. Challenger:

Both super midsize and heavy jet categories are represented by the famed Challenger series. 

Challenger 300/350 is a best-selling super midsize business jet with a 3,100/3,200 nautical-mile range (5,700/5,900 km).

This aircraft may cover considerable distances between Europe and Middle East.

The famous heavy jet, Challenger 605, also known as Challenger 650 or 604, is the best choice for private aircraft when over 10 pax are to be transported.

This big private jet can cover transcontinental distances. Its range is 4,123 nautical miles or 7,635 kilometres. 

The Challenger family joined Bombardier Aerospace in 1986, bought from Canadair, where it was originally developed. 

Ultra-long jets, the largest and fastest ones, are presented by the Global series with its most popular models - Global 5000/6000/Express. 

The range is just impressive - 5,200 nautical miles or 9,630 km.

This large aircraft can take you to another continent while you`re sleeping the night away. 

Taking into account the uneasy situation we are all facing now due to the COVID-19 virus spread - Bombardier Aerospace is no exception.

The corporation has announced production of Global models at plants in Quebec and Ontario temporarily suspended until April 13.