Super-light jet: Embraer Phenom 300 / 300E

Embraer began shipping an improved version of its best-selling and most popular lightweight jet in the world. The 300E version has the same technical characteristics as the classic Phenom 300 (range 3650 km and cruising speed of 838.5 km / h), but its interior is much more comfortable. A sound, light and air conditioning control system in the cabin, as well as an entertainment system for the Phenom 300E, was developed by Lufthansa Technik. This helped to increase the height of the ceiling above the passenger seats - all control buttons were moved to the side panels. The cabin design of the Phenom 300E was borrowed from the “older” Embraer models - the Legacy 450 and Legacy 500. Passenger seats have become much more comfortable and ergonomic.

Midsize jet: Cessna Citation Latitude

It did not take long for the new model of the American manufacturer Cessna, which is part of the Textron Aviation concern, to gain popularity. Just one year from the start of production, in 2016, 42 Citation Latitude units were delivered to customers. Last year another 54 aircraft began to fly. So the Cessna model worth $ 16.65 million became the champion in supply in its class and ranked second in popularity in the world after the Bombardier Challenger 350. Latitude is the first Citation aircraft with a floor without height differences, which greatly increases the comfort of passengers. Up to 9 people will be accommodated in the cabin, and if only four of them fly on board, the plane will easily overcome 5 thousand km without refueling at a speed of 856 km / h.

Super Mid Size Jet: Bombardier Challenger 350

Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier launched the Challenger 350 model in 2014. It changed the 10-year-old Challenger 300 and by 2017 became the most supplied model (according to the data of the World Association of Aircraft Manufacturers). On the Challenger 350, eight people will fly from New York to London in 6.5 hours. If it is operated at less long distances, then ten passengers can comfortably accommodate on board. It is important that with any configuration of the cabin in the luggage compartment there is enough space for 18 suitcases.

Ultra-long-range: Gulfstream G650 / G650ER

In the five and a half years that the G650 aircraft of the American company Gulfstream has been producing, more than 300 such aircraft have been delivered to customers all over the world. This figure includes deliveries and a more long-range modification of the G650ER. In Gulfstream claim that orders for this model began to take immediately after they announced its launch, and still do not complain about their absence. Even the price of more than 70 million dollars does not deter customers from the manufacturer. The demand for this luxury jet is attributed to its high speed: the G650 is the fastest non-supersonic wide-body aircraft.

Gulfstream G650 after one refueling will be able to fly at nearly 13 thousand km at a speed of more than 900 km / h, which is more than enough for any VIP-passenger whose interests lie in different hemispheres. Modifying the G650ER at the same speed without refueling will overcome almost 900 km more. As for the comfort in the cockpit, the G650 and G650ER are few in number. The pressure in the cockpit is the same as if you were flying very low (although this plane can easily fly at an altitude of 13 km). 18 passengers are comfortably accommodated in the most densely equipped modification in the cabin of the jet, and 10 of them will be able to sleep well in flight.

Finally, such an important characteristic as the height of the ceiling in the cabin, the G650 does not disappoint either: people can go up to 1.9 m without bending. Of course, not all Gulfstream customers are so tall, but even a man of average height, at least who made a trans-ocean flight by a business jet, knows how much high ceilings give.

Offroader: Pilatus PC-24

Few people know that planes are made in Switzerland. However, Pilatus is already 79 years old, and since the mid-1990s, it has produced more than 1,500 highly sought-after PC-12 turboprop aircraft. Last May, Pilatus introduced its first jet and, in general, a completely new class of aircraft, the PC-24. In the aviation world, this class was called SVJ-SuperVersatileJet.

Among the main characteristics of new items Pilatus calls a very small required length of the runway. Simply put, to take off, the PC-24 is enough 856 m, and to land - just 717 m. In addition, this plane can easily sit down where the runways are not covered with asphalt, which makes it ideal for use in remote corners of the world. With a price of $ 8.9 million, the new Pilatus is an excellent option for charter brokers.

By the way, PC-24 has a quick climb and comfortable cabin. Salon PC-24 can be equipped with 11 seats (which is certainly an excellent option for short flights). Those who order the plane for private use, usually choose the configuration of "three passengers - two pilots." With so many people onboard, the PC-24 will fly 3,700 km without refueling at a speed of 804 km / h.