Cessna Citation X is the flagship of business aviation, the pride of Cessna, the most successful and respected business jet. The world's fastest executive aircraft will deliver you to your destination the very first. Citation X is able to rise to a height of 15 545 m and accelerate to an incredible speed of 1,156 km / h. However, you will be sorry to land so soon, because it has, among other things, an unusually attractive interior design that you will not want to leave.

The Cessna Citation X business jet cabin transcends boundaries and offers its passengers one of the widest, most spacious and luxurious interiors in its class. Moreover, no other jet aircraft in the world can combine such a flight range, speed and economy in operation.

The cabin of the aircraft is a special pride of the developers of this Cessna model: the unusually beautiful most spacious, widest. Elastic and soft chairs, comfortable armrests and head restraints, quite a lot of space to hold a chair for a comfortable sleep in a horizontal position.

The equipment of the Cessna Citation X cabin will make the flight enjoyable and productive. It offers passengers the Clarity intelligent cabin control system, patented by Cessna Aircraft and developed jointly with Heads Up Technologies, which provides access to maps, flight information, multimedia systems, radio, the Internet and other options from a smartphone or iPad. Using this system, it is easy to control temperature, sound intensity, lighting and other functions from a stationary touch screen. Any electronic device connects to a Wi-Fi network, providing additional benefits to the traveler. You can even send a text message to another passenger or pilot.

The length of the cabin is more than seven meters. There is a heated and spacious luggage compartment, whose size is more than two cubic meters, which is also suitable for large oversized luggage.

The arrangement of the cabin can have different configurations. The most common option is an eight-seater saloon with a bar, a spacious wardrobe for hand luggage and outerwear, a luggage compartment and a toilet at the tail of the vessel.

But this option is not necessary: ??the design of the interior lining of the Cessna Citation X interior can be fully individualized, which is completed taking into account all the wishes of the customer. You can choose the color and quality of fabric, leather, wood, other finishing materials, choose your own option of placing a kitchen unit, cabin partitions, communication center, placing a flight attendant and other necessary elements. A more extensive space in the aircraft makes it possible to realize all design fantasies.