Along with one of the largest salons in the category, several improvements have been added to this business jet, which is in demand in the world, which take it to a new level.

For a business jet Cessna Citation XLS + has long been entrenched in the definition of the world's most popular jet aircraft, combining a confident balance of flight comfort with economy in operation. The interior of the XLS + is perfect. It should be said separately about the additional conveniences for passengers that the cabin of this business jet demonstrates, which allows due to its dimensions to avoid stiffness of movement even during a long flight. The interior of an average business jet in which most people are free to stand and move with ease is a rare find. State-of-the-art equipment, including Internet access, a satellite phone, an Airshow in-flight passenger alert system, a stereo system, a CD / DVD player and LCD monitors create ideal conditions for relaxing in flight.

The ergonomic cabin with a side double sofa and leather chairs transforming into beds, the control panel of the Main Passenger, the temperature in the cabin and the level of lighting create additional comfort during the flight.

Cessna XLS offers a very comfortable distance between the opposite seats, passengers do not feel discomfort and do not touch each other with their knees. If desired, the chair can be extended or deployed into the aisle. The width of the Cessna XLS + interior is 1.68 m. The length is 5.64 m. This gives a feeling of lightness and spaciousness.

The kitchenette, which can be equipped with a microwave or coffee machine if desired, a wardrobe and an isolated luggage compartment complete the picture.

The Citation XLS dressing room is very spacious - you don’t rest your elbows against the walls, nor do you want to squeeze or tilt your head left or right so as not to touch the ceiling. The Cessna XLS + toilet is equipped with elegant fittings and also has a large number of useful storage drawers.

The outside luggage compartment shows very good loading possibilities. Here you can place up to 8 large suitcases, plus several soft bags.

Separately, it is worth noting that due to the special wing geometry and powerful engines, the aircraft can take off from shortened runways, as well as fly to mountain airports.

The maximum flight range of the Cessna Citation XLS + 4-4.5 hours, depending on the number of passengers and the mass of baggage.