Embraer Phenom 100E

Cessna Citation Mustang
One Aviation Eclipse 550
HondaAircraft HondaJet

In any field, we are faced with the need to choose. Business aviation is no exception: now there are many models of business jets from several manufacturers on the market. The most correct way is to tell about the best business jets currently in use, classifying them by type. The main criteria for determining the class of the aircraft are its maximum cruising speed and range of non-stop flight, but in the context of business aviation we cannot fail to take into account such important indicators as comfort and the availability of additional equipment and service on board. Today we will talk about the Very Light Jets category.

Aircraft with an average cruising speed of 600-700 km / h, a small (up to 2500 km) non-stop flight range corresponding to the passenger capacity (3-6 people) are referred to this class of aircraft. As a rule, these are not full-height aircraft (that is, it is impossible to stand in the cabin at full height, since the ceiling height is limited to 150 cm). Such aircraft have a low market value (on average from $ 4.5 million) and do not require large operating costs. Light business jets are compact, cost-effective aircraft designed to travel short distances. At the same time, they provide a high level of comfort on board, and have good safety parameters. The average flight duration is 3–3.5 hours.

If you are planning to fly a small group (about six people) over a distance of 3 thousand kilometers, you can safely rent a light business jet. Such a solution will not depend on the schedule of regular flights. At the same time, it is much more economical than buying your own plane, especially if you do not fly regularly. Therefore, this type of aircraft will be an excellent option for short-term budget flights for both business and personal purposes.

Usually in the fleet of most leading business aviation operators there are at least several models of ultralight jets. The most prominent representatives of this category of air transport are:

Embraer Phenom 100E

• Phenom 100 from the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. It can comfortably accommodate up to 4 passengers onboard. Its advantages include a super comfortable convertible salon with a private bathroom in the back. This aircraft is undoubtedly suitable for those who prioritize the comfort of travel. And if you like to enjoy the surrounding views from the height of the flight - it is also worth choosing this model. The aircraft received increased portholes compared with other members of its class; This model has relatively recently appeared on the charter market, its interior is elegant, with delicate details, with a special place for coats and laptops, as well as surprisingly spacious luggage compartment. On the Phenom 100 you can comfortably travel from New York to Miami, from Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires or from London to Ibiza Island.

Flight range: 2148km
Cruising speed: 704km / hour

The highest altitude: 12497m
Maximum take-off weight: 4550kg 
Passengers: 4-6
Cabin length: 3.35m
Cabin width: 1.55m
Interior height: 1.50m
Interior volume: 8.64kub.m
Length: 12.70m Height: 1.50m
Wingspan: 12.30m

Cessna Citation Mustang

The Cessna Citation Mustang is the perfect combination of comfort and efficiency. If you need to rent a plane for outdoor activities, this model will be the best option. It has two luggage compartments - in the bow and tail. Therefore, without problems, you can accommodate not only the main baggage, but also tourist equipment, equipment for skiing, mountaineering and other activities. The hallmark of this business jet is a comfortable cabin. For more convenient accommodation of passengers, it was made not of a standard round shape, but with extensions in section. Travelers will be amazed not only by the excellent trim, but also by the possibility of transforming the details of the furniture set. In the cockpit, all instruments were removed from the ceiling, which made it possible to control the aircraft conveniently;

Flight range: 2130km

Cruising speed: 630km / hour
The highest altitude: 12497m
Maximum take-off weight: 3921kg 
Passengers: 4
Cabin length: 2.97m
Cabin width: 1.40m 
Cabin height: 1.37m
The volume of the cabin: 4.08kub.m. 
Length: 12.37m
Height: 4.09m
Wingspan: 12.37m

Eclipse 550

The Eclipse 550 jet provides the perfect combination of flying performance and efficiency at a cost-effective price. The Eclipse 550 Jet outperforms any other jet in the world. Its operating costs are lower than that of any jet, and even turboprop aircraft. This aircraft was designed with a focus on efficiency and innovation. As a result, it has become a real business tool - affordable, fast and efficient, providing passengers with maximum comfort and safety in flight. 

The Eclipse 550 is well suited as a means of business aviation, as it can travel considerable distances, providing passengers with comfortable air travel conditions. The Eclipse 550 cabin package includes two ready-made designs; however, if necessary, aircraft manufacturers can make a special interior trim in consultation with the direct customer. One of the negative aspects of the aircraft Eclipse 550 is a small luggage compartment and a small payload taken on board, but taking into account other characteristics of the aircraft, it has little effect on complaints among owners. The strength of aircraft engines is such that it allows it with a weight of 2.7 tons to move at a maximum cruising speed of about 700 km / h over a distance of more than 2,000 kilometers with a full load of fuel. The maximum flight altitude is 12.5 km above sea level: this is enough to go around any atmospheric fronts and pass over thunderstorms or other adverse weather conditions, while maintaining a speed of more than 680 km / h. Fuel consumption - 223 liters per hour of flight. The number of passengers is up to 6 people. The base price for the Eclipse 550 Jet is $ 2,695,000.

Crew: 1-2 people;

Passengers: 4-5 people (depending on the number of crew);
Length of aircraft: 10.2 m.;
Wingspan: 11.5 m.;
The height of the aircraft: 3.4 m.;
Weight of empty aircraft: 1648 kg.;
Payload: 1074 kg .;
Maximum take-off weight: 2722 kg .;
Cruising speed: 692 km \ h;
Maximum airspeed: 694 km \ h;
Maximum range of flight: 2084 km .;
Maximum height of flight: 12500 m.;


Honda describes the HondaJet as “the most advanced ultralight jet in the world.” The first aircraft HondaJet went to the first flight on July 1, 2014, when more than 100 orders were already placed. 

The largest jet in its category, the Hondajet can take 5 passengers in its spacious cabin, providing comfort in short-distance flights. Its innovative design has advanced technologies and concepts, which has resulted in an aircraft that is not only easily perceived visually, but is also the fastest and most economical in terms of fuel consumption of an aircraft in its class, partly due to the installation of the engine above the wing. Honda assures that its VLJ surpasses its competitors in flight range and, of course, is capable of performing direct intra-European flights, for example, from Paris to Ibiza or from Geneva to Berlin. Purchase price $ 4,500,000

Distance: 2593 km

Cruising speed: 777.8 km / h
Maximum flight altitude: 13000 m
Maximum take-off weight: 4,173 kg
Maximum number of passengers: 6
Cabin length: 5.43 m
Interior width: 1.52 m
Interior height: 1.51 m
Length: 12.71 m
Height: 4.03 m
Wingspan: 12.15 m