Winter season

When the ski season comes, a system of slots is introduced at many airports located near the popular ski resorts to cope with the growth in passenger traffic. If the pilot or operator does not reserve the landing time on time, the aircraft can circle in the air for several hours before the air traffic controllers can squeeze them, so if possible, book your flights in advance.

For example, the system of slots at the airport of the famous Aspen ski resort works on the principle of who will arrive before, after commercial airlines. Peak periods here are from mid-December to early January, mid-February and March. To avoid landing problems, consider nearby airports with a shuttle service to your destination.

Summer season

The European activity is experiencing a summer peak of activity, which are difficult to reach, such as Ibiza or Mykonos, as well as the popular resorts of the Cote d'Azur, therefore, from June to September, airports in these areas introduce a system of slots. The delay is allowed no more than 10-15 minutes, then the slot expires and you need to get a new one. In this regard, in order not to lose the slot, it is necessary to arrive at the airport in advance (at least 40-50 minutes) or to lay down additional costs for an alternate aerodrome.

Events - Super Bowl, Olympic Games, Horse Racing, Music and Arts Festivals

Major events of an international level, the venue of which changes every year, such as the Super Bowl, affect the operation of the airports of the host cities, because each has its own characteristics, such as weather or climate conditions, throughput, and restrictions related to the terrain. During the Super Bowl, about 1,500 private flights are usually accepted, which is several times higher than the average at most airports.

Events in which more than 30,000 people participate, also tend to cause temporary slotting of flights, which makes it necessary to organize and plan ahead.