When putting together all the details that a private charter booking includes, luggage dimensions and weight are among the first to be considered.

Even if the jet you`re about to take can cover the expected distance and has enough seats for the expected passengers, the luggage issue can still influence your choice. 

Luggage space surely depends on the aircraft`s general size. It can be either an external or internal storage. Some jets are equipped with both.

If the luggage contains something indispensable which should be needed during the flight, it`s important to make sure there will be access.

It may also happen that something you need to carry (a snowboard, for example) will only fit in the cabin, possibly reducing the number of seats that can be occupied. 

The flight range, the number of passengers and the luggage altogether weight are interdependent factors to analyze while planning a private jet trip. The range capacity of an aircraft depends on the fuel, fuel in its turn adds weight - thus, the less the aircraft weighs, the further it can go.

The overall weight which can be carried might also depend on the runway length. There are cases when even the passengers` exact weight has to be considered.

Below you can find a compilation of jet models of different categories with luggage volume parameters to compare.

VLJs, the smallest aircraft:

- Citation Mustang has almost 1.8 cubic metres of luggage space and can fit around 9 bags;

- Phenom 100`s luggage capacity is surprisingly large for its category - over 2 cubic metres fitting 10 bags or more. 

Light jets:

- Citation Bravo has got over 2 cubic metres to fit 11 bags;

- Hawker 400XP would fit 8 around 8 bags with its 1.6 cubic metres.

Super light jets:

- Embraer Phenom 300 has almost 2.4 cubic metre, room for 12 bags;

- Citation XLS`2.5 cubic metres fit 13 bags. 

Midsize jets:

- Gulfstream G150 has 2.25 cubic metres to fit 11 bags.

Super mid-size jets:

- Citation Sovereign has got over 3.8 cubic metres fitting 19 bags.

Heavy jets: 

- Challenger 650`s luggage space is of 3.25 cubic metres and could fit 16 bags;

- Falcon 2000 has 5.5 cubic metres for luggage and fits 28 bags.

Ultra long range: 

- Gulfstream G550 with its 4.8 cubic metres can fit 24 bags;

- Falcon 7X has got 3.7 cubic metres fitting 19 bags. 

These data can give an approximate picture to compare jets` luggage allowance, however every model is unique and has its own configuration issues suitable for different travellers even in terms of types of luggage space. 

When choosing and booking an aircraft for a patricular trip, make sure that you adjust with your private jet broker or operator the "range-weight-space triangle", so that you and your travel mates can travel with comfort without shrinking your luggage needs.