We continue to answer the most frequently asked questions when traveling in a private jet with a child. 

Is it possible to individually adjust the temperature in the cabin of a private jet so that the child is comfortable?

Having at its disposal the entire cabin of the aircraft, the air temperature on board depends on your requirements and preferences. Individual travel also means that you are protected from many viruses that can be redistributed through air conditioning systems on regular airlines. This is another bonus to individual flights.

Is it possible to organize entertainment for a child on board a private jet?

Most private jets are equipped with integrated entertainment systems, with the latest models offering the most advanced viewing and communication solutions - all of which are ideal for VIP customers and their children. In addition, the charter operator can offer a wide selection of entertainment and music according to your preferences, replenish the entertainment collection with books and toys so that children are busy during the flight.

Unlike most regular airlines, you can turn on the entertainment system from the moment you and your child board, so that the trip is joyful and comfortable from the very beginning.

In addition, most children are looking forward to meeting with the pilots and are indescribable delight visiting the cockpit - it is unlikely that such entertainment is available on board a commercial airline.

Can I order a kid's menu on board a private jet for a child from 2 to 12 years old?

An individual menu is always organized depending on the requirements of passengers, and with the obligatory consideration of their taste preferences. Of course, a competent operator should provide specialized food if your child or any other family member has a food allergy or intolerance to certain foods. Mandatory special religious requirements.

Can I take a baby carriage aboard a private jet?

Private aviation is famous for a much smaller number of restrictions, including not severely limiting the weight and volume of baggage. You can take on a portable cradle or stroller, which can be left in the cabin or put into the luggage compartment, and upon arrival immediately get a child transport - this should help the flight crew.

Is it possible to arrange ground transportation to the place of departure and landing of a private jet?

Central Jets can arrange ground transportation that will take you directly to the plane and meet you right on board at the arrival airport, while providing a place for attaching a child car seat. In some air harbors, it is possible to arrange a meeting by land transport as close to the runway or directly at the exit of the terminal for private ships to ensure the fastest and most possible departure from the airport.

Private jet flight with a teenager

A charter operator can satisfy any whims, appetites and musical tastes on board a rented private jet. When you rent an aircraft, it must have individual entertainment programs for all ages and generations of the family.

For fans of reading, the board should be equipped with a variety of literature, including fresh newspapers and magazines. The books of both classic and popular contemporary children's writers will be useful.

Teenagers and adolescents are often allowed to get to know the pilots and visit their cockpit.

Is a private jet safe for family travel?

Choose charter operators that have long been on the market and have earned an excellent reputation. It is these companies that have tremendous experience in organizing family flights and are committed to the highest possible level of safety.

Central Jets has a strict and ongoing security policy as an official member of professional aviation associations. A highly qualified team of specialists will be happy to answer any questions about flight safety, help you choose the best flight, organize additional services and provide all the necessary reports.