Control over Kopter has passed to the Italian aerospace company Leonardo, which will take over the production of SH09, the new single-engine copter. 

SH09`s spacious cabin adds advantages of a twin-engine model, however it keeps flexibility and affordability of a light single-engine one. 

Leonardo has finalized the acquisition of the Swiss startup. The approved agreement entailed the payout of 185 million USD for total control over the company, which will though continue as an autonomous legal entity within the global firm.  

The negotiated price included a supporting scheme for the lifetime of SH09 project during certain phases.

Leonardo is planning to adopt part of the new technology, developed within the Swiss program, for its helicopter projects.

Eventually the company would also like to offer to the market larger scale manufacturing of SH09, the new generation of single-engine copters, and strengthen its positions in the sector.  

The Swiss authorities have issued a certificate which allows Kopter to start series production of SH09. The company has also been legally approved as a manufacturing organization. 

Kopter as part of Leonardo is going to produce helicopters for the North American market in Lafayette, at its new manufacturing facility.