Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, a leader in the hospitality industry, shared his plans to launch the brand new Four Seasons Private Jet in early 2021. The new jet will combine sophisticated design and modern technology that will turn any journey into a carefree adventure.

The new A321LR private jet, which is part of the Airbus NEO collection, will be fully customized to suit the individual and exclusive Four Seasons design, designed to reflect the ever-evolving concept of the industry's first Four Seasons Private Jet. The guests of the new jet are waiting for even more space, as well as improved and already luxurious amenities of the board.

The Airbus A321LR is one of the newest aircraft in the NEO family. The liner is equipped with new engines and wing tips Sharklets, as well as additional fuel tanks in the cargo hold, which gives the A321LR efficiency and increased flight range non-stop to attractions around the world, while still being able to land at nearby airports.“The Four Seasons Private Jet experience defines modern luxury aviation, encouraging meaningful connections between people and places while delivering a seamless and highly personalised journey,” says Christian Clerc, President, Worldwide Hotel Operations, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

“With the widest and tallest cabins of any aircraft in their class, Airbus corporate jets are wonderfully well suited to an aircruising role , helping to make journeys memorably enjoyable parts of exclusive travel experiences,” says ACJ President Benoit Defforge.

The design of each of the 48 seats was developed by Optimares - leather chairs from the Italian manufacturer Poltrona Frau and more spacious seats with ottomans await passengers, which will also ensure more comfortable communication with nearby passengers.

“Four Seasons’ A321LR cabin embodies décor that echoes the stylish elegance of its hotels, features seats crafted to look and feel good, and delivers unprecedented space for socialising and enjoyment,” says ACJ Head of Creative Design Sylvain Mariat who worked with Four Seasons on its creation. It features a spacious lounge, 48 lie-flat seats with Ottomans for face-to-face conversing, and two large washrooms.

The Airbus A320 has an enviable reputation as comfortable airliners for both corporate passengers and travelers, making it the most popular aircraft in its class. Designed to perform multiple flights a day when servicing airlines, the A320 provides proven reliability in flight, as well as inherent innovative design and technology.

The A320 has won over 15,000 solid orders, which underlines its best-selling role in its class. It serves more than 400 operators worldwide, on all continents, including Antarctica.