Around 550 private jets arrived at British airports in the past month, as wealthy travellers are returning from countries worst hit by COVID-2019.

130 countries have introduced rigid travel restrictive measures, but pilots can still land in the UK, where open-border policy is being operated.

Among these UK-bound flights there were 15 coming from the US, 25 from Spain, 32 from Germany and 27 from France. The US and Spain are currently the most coronavirus affected countries in the world.

Statewide lockdown in the UK was imposed on March 23. However over 15,000 people are coming to the country every day on scheduled flights, and no health checks are made upon arrival, as indicated by the health secretary.

About 105,000 passengers come to the UK weekly from all over the world, China Spain, Italy and the United States included. As commericial air carriers had to cancel almost all the activity, such numbers can be explained by the necessity of the UK nationals to repatriate. 

The COVID-19 outbreak found thousands of people far away from home.

Many argue that the decision of British authorities not to impose a stricter lockdown on its borders is not quite comprehensible.

The number of people tested coronavirus positive in the UK surpassed 120,000 as of Sunday morning with over 16,000 lethal cases.