Nowadays, a private jet is no longer a rarity. Thousands of millionaires around the world can afford such luxury. And what remains to do billionaires? Their attention is attracted no longer by compact and economical business jets for 8-12 seats, but by huge passenger liners, like the Boeing 747 or Airbus A380, the price of which is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars. For the first time, the Boeing passenger airliner became a private jet in 1996. Model Boeing Business Jet, that is, the Boeing-737 in the VIP-configuration, at the time seemed something completely transcendent. But if you compare it with those planes that are privately owned by the richest people in the modern world - it will already look rather pale.

Probably the most luxurious of modern business jets is the Airbus ACJ380. It is so spacious that inside its cabin the owner can realize all that he lacked space on any other aircraft.

Airbus A380

This “flying palace” was ordered by the oil billionaire from Saudi Arabia, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. The European Airbus A380 airliner has record sizes: it is a four-engine wide-body aircraft with a seven-story building height. The area of ??the wings - a little less than a football field. The luggage compartment can accommodate 70 cars, and the passenger compartment - more than 850 passengers. It can cover a distance of 15,200 km without refueling at a maximum speed of 900 km / h.

If the plane is purchased not in order to transfer it to a third party for rent, namely for personal use, usually the owner seeks to realize his or her fantasies as much as possible in arranging its interior. According to Greg Thomas, CEO of Privateair, the most extraordinary interiors of his company were ordered by buyers of business jets from the Persian Gulf countries. Thus, a representative of one of the local monarchical dynasties ordered the installation of a set of webcams on the outer surfaces of the liner and a huge monitor inside the aircraft, so that during the flight, enjoy the spectacle of clouds and a rainbow.

But still, the purchase of such heavy aircraft by private individuals is a rarity so far. Much more popular models of private jets for large customers continue to be jets worth 40-60 million dollars, with a cabin that can accommodate 10-20 passengers.

By the end, the European Airbus Aircraft Builder officially canceled the only order for the business jet, which was to be created on the basis of the largest passenger aircraft A380. The company was never able to find a buyer for the aircraft that Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud had originally ordered.

Price: from $ 320 million.

Boeing 747-8

This airliner is the largest of the American aircraft and one of the longest aircraft in the world. The Boeing 747-8 began operating in 2010, while the Airbus 380 made its first commercial flight in 2007. They were originally designed for billionaires: after all, it was necessary to spend about $ 20 million just to equip these planes with such interior items as special panels, a cinema, a jacuzzi.

The buyers of these heavy private jets were usually already owners of other smaller aircraft. For example, of the four billionaires who bought the Boeing 747-8, two were owners of other products of the Boeing corporation, and their desire to buy an aircraft of a more modern model was motivated primarily by the desire to get “something new and better,” as stated by the president of the business jet division of Boeing Corporation Stephen Hill.

Price: $ 280 million, individual interior equipment costs about $ 20 million.

Airbus ACJ neo

The pride of the company is the Airbus Corporate Jet family: ACJ319neo is based on the A319neo passenger aircraft, equipped with the latest engines and wing tips, has a roomy and quiet passenger cabin.

Thanks to the aerodynamic improvements and new engines managed to significantly reduce fuel consumption, as well as increase the range and payload. Thus, the ACJ319neo can cover a distance of 12,500 km with 8 passengers on board, which makes it possible to reach almost any point on the globe.

Comfort, individual space and freedom of movement are very important for passengers, especially when performing long-distance flights. So, in ACJ319neo each passenger receives more than 10 m of individual space, which is almost three times more than that of traditional business jets. In addition, for greater comfort in the cabin ACJ319neo supported a lower pressure (equivalent to the pressure at an altitude of 1950 m), which is especially important at the stage of take-off and landing.

Price: from $ 99,5 million. 

Boeing Business Jet 3 (Boeing 737-900ER)

Boeing Business Jet 3 is a classic business jet, which implemented the concept of transforming commercial jets in 1996. This is one of the most modern and high-tech aircraft. It is in this model for the first time in civil aviation that the Head-Up Display technology has been applied, that is, the placement of various readings of the electronic system directly on the cockpit windshield - previously this technology was used only in military aviation. The updated line of this family is represented by models BBJ MAX 7, MAX 8 and MAX 9.

Price: $ 68 million.