It is now a confirmed fact that the majority of private jet passengers show more efficient work results on board of business aircraft than in the office.

According to the research made by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) over 20% of private aviation users found themselves more productive on-board than in their habitual offices.

It seems that time saving is not anymore the main considerable business excuse to fly private

Here are our best suggestions of aircraft for doing business on-board:

1. Bombardier Challenger 650 - a perfect private aircraft for business during an enjoyable luxurious flight.  This bestseller can boast the largest-in-class cabin that would fit your team and partners to conduct most successful negotiations.  The jet is equipped with convenient foldout tables and industry-leading high-speed Internet connection. 

2. Cessna Citation Sovereign+ - a presigious midsize jet with enhanced technology and short take-off capability. As described by the manufacturer Citation Sovereign+ is a conference room to conduct business meetings at a very high level. Both in direct and figurative senses. 

3. Dassault Falcon 900EX - an executive jet with a unique look and advanced avionics. You may easily handle important negotiations just while crossing the ocean. This long-range aircraft is also able to operate from shorter runways. 

4. Embraer Legacy 600 - a beautiful aircraft with low in-cabin noise during the flight. This jet is a perfect solution for a business dinner on-board. Don`t forget to order catering that would fit preferences of all the participants and contribute to the meeting efficiency.

5. Hawker Beechcraft 800XP/850XP - a time-tested aircraft and another "conference room in the sky" as it is often referred to. While travelling through the continent you and your partners can easily have all the issues solved even before landing. 

Your jet does not necessarily need to be equipped with a separate conference room or zone to make you feel how the ultimate privacy of your own restricted space in the sky impacts your concentration level and broadens your thinking. 

Just one fresh idea can often be enough to give an unexpected favourable twirl to the whole business process.